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Experienced and qualified technicians working on your car

There’s no service or repair need we can’t cater for and can check any element of any car. For example, we can service and repair classic car wiring looms, complex electrical problems that hinder car performance and carry out diagnostic checks to diagnose complex problems with your car. From the obvious to the obscure, be assured it isn’t outside of our grasp as we’ve conquered highly advanced repairs with a proficiency that we’re proud of.

Experience mechanics you can trust

Between every mechanic at M.C autos, we have many, many years of mechanic experience and we’re absolutely sure of our ability to fix any issue and can do so in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines using approved parts. We focus on customer satisfaction when repairing cars and won’t do anything without explicit permission. We offer a no quibbles pricing scheme which you can fully trust and it enables you to make the right decision on your car repair. We’ll advise the best course of action and demonstrate issues where possible.

Simple and complex repairs – all carried out on site

Sometimes cars do just go wrong and the issue may present itself obviously. For example, the gears grind and grate when you change them or the cambelt hisses or sometimes they’re not obvious at all, say if a diagnostic light comes up mysteriously on the dashboard. Whatever the repair is, we have the ability to fix any make and model of car. Given the huge portfolio of repairs we’ve been involved in, we reckon we can overcome any repair challenge, from the simplest issues to full blown engine rebuilds, even for high-performance cars.

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Car diagnostics

Our team of mechanics are always up for tackling a repair and we know all the suspect areas for a huge range of cars, enabling us to quickly diagnose an issue and begin repair quickly and efficiently. We take absolute care of your car during the repair and will inform you of any task we’re carrying out before we do it. Our repairs are carried out with the due diligence and respect to your vehicle and we’ll take extra care with classic or classic American cars.

Fast, efficient turnaround

We turn over our repairs rapidly. This is because we stock many parts and guarantee them alongside our labour costs. We only use the best parts for the best value possible and together with our technician’s experience, our repair service is second to none. We’re never intimidated by a job and will apply all the due attention and experience needed to get you back on the road ASAP. With a customer service driven approach, you’ll always be kept in the loop – there won’t be a massive bill to contend with that you had no idea was coming!

Highly qualified in advanced car issues

Diagnostics has always been one of our specialist offerings as we’re highly qualified when it comes to diagnosing advanced issues with cars and are able to spot the tell-tale signs of impending electrical problems before they strike. We have new-gen equipment that enables us to do this and we can sort through potential car errors in order to diagnose the most obscure of problems with the newest cars.

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