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MOTs are a legal requirement of vehicles older than 3 years. They’re designed to certify your car’s safety for its passengers as well as its environmental compliance to emissions and efficiency regulations. MOTs are very important and ultimately help make Britain’s roads some of the safest in the world. They’re quite simple but comprehensive and check over major points associated with car control like steering control and brakes as well as issues with lights and issues with exhaust. The common areas that require attention are tires or brake pads which are subject to periodical wear. MOT issues are often not serious and can always be sorted out on-site. We’ll consult you on the best course of action and then go ahead with the repairs before retesting your car for free. You can book MOTs online or on the phone and can either stay and watch your test whilst sipping a cuppa from the waiting room or come back later to pick up your car.

MOT checks for maintenance

MOTs also check your car’s emissions and environmental impact. This is not usually an issue for newer cars but for older cars, it certifies how well they’re running and whether they need further maintenance to keep them on the road. Some people reckon that they’ll MOT will be a tense moment but most often, cars pass them with just advisories – which are things that may need to be checked and serviced for the next MOT a year later. Older cars are more prone to issues but regular servicing always helps cars pass their MOTs and remain safe.

Various car servicing levels available

Our service options are fully comprehensive and cover simple to advanced manufacturer-specific services. We’re highly qualified in all services, even in highly complex cars like sports cars and can maintain your car in accordance with specific manufacturer guidelines that keep your official warranty intact. Our services have fixed prices so you know exactly what you’re paying for. There are no hidden costs, just honest and transparent pricing.

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Interim car service

The cost of a basic service is competitive and we always strive to give you what your car needs. When we carry this out, we do a Sol-x engine flush, which is a flush using specialist chemicals we’re accredited by the manufacturer to use. This can drastically improve engine pressure and performance. For this price, we also change the engine oil, the oil filter as well as report on tyre wear and top up fluids like brake fluids.

Full or major car service

The second tier of service provides a further 50 point selection which will survey your car depending on its make and model and spark plug replacement.

We also offer an advanced engine flush and clean which flushes the entire engine system in order to greatly improve your car’s MPG and performance. This is if you want it or need it to keep your car running. For diesel cars, we can clean the DPF or the diesel particulate filter system which improves efficiency and engine power and this is half the price of a new filter which may be suggested by other garages.

Air conditioning servicing

Regular servicing of your air conditioning is needed to keep the system topped up and running smoothly. It doesn’t come included in your regular service. You can book an air conditioning service separately, online or by contacting us.

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