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Remapping & Turning

Remapping & Turning

"Remapping" is a software change within a vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU). We modify the operating parameters within the code (or ‘map’) to increase the vehicle’s performance and/or economy, without the need to change or add any hardware.

In many cases the map stored within the ECU can be accessed via the onboard diagnostics port (OBD) which is always situated within one metre of the driver’s seat. In some newer models the ECU needs to be removed for the modification to be carried out on the bench.

Once your IMI professionally certified technician has taken a read of the ECU, they will upload it to our file writing team who will adjust the original calibration to maximise the vehicle’s performance, fuel economy, or a clever blend of both. Depending on the vehicle and ECU type the process normally takes less than an hour, although bench programming takes slightly longer.

Eversley garage works to the highest standards in all aspects of operation, including our business ethics. You can be assured of the following:

We will not overstate our figures to make them appear better than our competitors
We will not quibble over our 30-day money back guarantee
We will not raise your expectation of fuel savings to an unreasonable level
We will tell you if the improvements on your car are minimal and therefore not worth doing
We will never pass on or sell our customer data