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Fitting tow bars and roof racks for our customers in Eversley

Another one of our specialities is in fitting high-quality tow bars and roof racks to most makes and model of vehicle. A tow bar or roof rack enables you to tow caravans or trailers for holidays or enable other recreational purposes like bike carrying or carrying other sports equipment. They also allow us to carry materials and tools for work and commercial reasons. The benefits of having a tow bar are numerous and it’s not just 4x4s that are able to make use of them but a wide array of LCVs, estate cars, etc. They’re relatively easy and cheap to fix and once they’re fitted, they’re fitted and won’t have to be touched again or maintained for many years.

The varying types of towbar

There are three main types of towbar, including detachable tow bars which can be added and removed to your vehicle but don’t support too heavy a weight, swan neck tow bars which are a heavier duty or flange type tow bars. Your choice will depend on your vehicle and what you need to tow but we can recommend the best type for you based on your individual criteria. Most tow bars costs around £120 and we can provide these direct from manufacturers. We can let you know and advise you on the best options suited to your car and budget.

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Electrical connectors

Tow bars need to be wired up correctly to your vehicle to trigger the lights on the back of your trailer or caravan. There are three types of electrical connectors used in tow bars and they each cover different types of trailer: 12n for trailers, cycle racks, light boards and horse boxes, 12s for caravans, reverse lights, horse boxes and tipper trailers or iso13 for all caravans made after 2009, combining both 12n and 12s style connectors. It’s imperative we match the connector to your intended use so we’ll go over the options with you in person or on the phone before fitting. Failure to run the correct power to your trailer will prevent it from being road safe.

Bike Racks

In addition to tow bars, we fit roof mounted cycle racks of varying types and ensure their safety through rigorous strength testing. Many models and makes are covered and we can source and fit them for a competitive price.

Tow bars are a great way to expand your vehicle and add flexibility if you need to move heavy or large items and given the range of towbars and the range of vehicles we can fit them to, they’re well worth a good look if you need extra capacity or transport power.

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